Top 6 des pires excuses de maitres qui ont abandonné leur chat selon la SPA

Images Gratuites : de plein air, animal, portrait, chaton, faune ... -
Images Gratuites : de plein air, animal, portrait, chaton, faune ... -

Le nombres d'abandons de félins est toujours en hausse et la SPA a décidé de dévoiler les pires excuses entendues.

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Une question de couleur

Une excuse qui revient souvent : "Sa couleur ne me convient pas après reflexion"


L'âge du chat

"Il est sourd et aveugle, que voulez-vous que j'en fasse ?"

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Certainly you've heard that there's a new Lion King movie coming to the Marbles Imax on July 19th. While #Disney reluctantly accepted "no" in response to their pitch of having me assume the lead role, #marblesimax contacted me in hopes that my hostility towards promotional appearances could be temporarily forgotten. "We've replaced the 'Superpower Dogs' poster with something a bit more fitting in honor of DTR's most important feline," they apologized. "We'd like you to come down to the museum and sit in the summer heat and look completely disinterested for a while in front of the new poster." "......." is all I heard as I'm still completely deaf. Dad stepped in and accepted on my behalf. Yesterday morning mom, dad, and myself made our way to the museum where we were immediately greeted by David who further apologized over their dog movie mishap and we got to work. A basic chair (not the throne I was promised!) was set in front of the promotional display where I immediately began to overheat and regret my decision. Does it show? Not wanting to face the public's scorn of employing a cat under unsafe working conditions, David mentioned there was another display INSIDE THE BUILDING WITH AIR CONDITIONING AND NICE CONCRETE FLOORS WHICH WOULD HAVE REALLY BEEN THE BEST PLACE FOR THIS ENTIRE THING NOW WOULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN????? Inside we went. Still upset (and melting), I resumed scowling in front of an even larger display which failed to inspire me to act anything but disinterested and aloof. At least the floor was comfortable. As a reward for not biting anyone, I was presented with a tour pass to the Carolina Tiger Rescue which I'm going to enjoy as I've got a few cousins that I need to see. Y'all should visit, it's an amazing place! You should also go see the movie downtown, I've got front row seats and you just might run into me. . #raleighnc #downtownraleigh #mainecoon #celebritycat #oldcat #tabbycat #summer #fatcat #thelionking #carolina_tiger_rescue

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