This is the biggest project of Audiovisual studies in Tunisia that is composed of a University “IINA”, a training center “ITC”, along with a Television Channel “First TV” and a Production Firm “First prod”

The International Digital and Audiovisual Institute opened its doors last year in Ksar Said, Tunisia (IINA: L’Institut International du Numérique et de L’Audiovisuel )

Founded by Kais Mabrouk (the proponent of First TV) and his partners, IINA wants to build its reputation off the beaten track by other Tunisian audiovisual institute specialists:

"Theoretical and practical, technical and aesthetic, science and art are all harmoniously broadcasted in our courses ...

As well as that, in the first year, students are required to tackle all angles of their future profession, including editing, sound and image technologies. We ask them with the support of their professors to make film analysis of classic films and we transmit to them the critical wit and artistry required of a true filmmaker" says Kais Mabrouk, founder of the International Digital and Audiovisual Institute.

To attain excellence, IINA has enriched its program with introductions to the history of Cinema, Television and Arts. Courses of English and French applied to the sector will also be provided. The Institute has assembled an outstanding teaching team, made up of academics and great professionals.

The proximity of First TV channel, an incomparable field of application for students, strengthens the concrete and practical side of their training and allows them to approach their first job with increased ease and better chances of development in an area where employability looks increasingly strong.

A library, as well as a video library, providesaccessible information resources forstudents in order to complete their audiovisual culture and develop their skills. The equipment they will use for their apprenticeship, both in IINA and in First firm, has no equal in Tunisia.

"Our approach to the audiovisual and cinema trades will be different ...

We will not just train simple manipulators who know their machines and softwares, but we want to put in the labor market after their three years of studies, true audiovisual professionals, who possess an artistic sensibility and share their passion." Says Kais Mabrouk

The institute will offer professional internships within first TV which will allow students to better integrate the field and guarantee them the best rate of employability after obtaining their degrees.

Ayda Labassi

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